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Organizational context

4.- Understanding of the organization and its context

In Time Control S. A. de C.V determines the external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and its strategic direction and that affect its ability to achieve the expected results of its SGI.



Related to type aspects:

  •  Legal

  •  Technological

  •  Competitive

  •  Market

  •  Cultural

  •  Economic

  •  Policies

  •  Natural

  •  Social

  •  Supply chain


Related to questions of type:

  • Values

  • Knowledge

  • Performance

  • Organization structure

  • Policies, objectives and strategies

  • Information system

  • Legal compliance

  • Capacity and ability


Understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders

In Time Control S.A de C.V determines the interested parties that are relevant to your SGI, in addition to their legal requirements and other requirements that we must comply with.


InTime Control S.A. de C.V. has identified as stakeholders:


  •  Employees

  •  Clients

  •  Users

  •  Suppliers

  •  Subcontractors

  •  Society

  •  Unions

  •  Shareholders, or owners of the organization

  •  Government agencies




Determination of the scope of the comprehensive management system


The scope of this implementation and its subsequent certification includes:

"Procurement, construction, testing, commissioning and maintenance for industrial and / or renewable plants of the energy sector in electrical work, instrumentation and control."

5.- Leadership

Leadership and commitment

Our Senior Management, as well as Area Managers demonstrate their leadership and commitment to the SGI in the following way:

• Assuming your responsibility
• Enforcing comprehensive policy and objectives
• Ensuring that expected results are achieved
• Supporting relevant roles
• Ensuring in the processes the fulfillment of the requirements of the interested parties
• Promoting a culture and supporting continuous improvement
• Securing the necessary resources

Consultation and participation of workers

In In Time Control, workers have the right to participate in all matters related to the prevention of risks at work or with repercussions on the safety and health of workers: material, environmental and organizational conditions of work, and management of the prevention in the company.

In In Time Control, the consultation and participation of workers was established within the ITC-PRS-SI-02 process, through the application of consultation and participation surveys ITC-FMT-SI-002-02 at least once a year. Other means used are individual talks and the notice board or notices if necessary.

6.- Planning

In Time Control S.A. de C.V. When planning your SGI, it considers its context, stakeholder requirements and its scope, and has identified the necessary risks and opportunities, in order to ensure that the SGI can achieve its intended results, prevent or reduce unwanted effects, achieve continuous improvement.

Intime Control S.A. de C.V. addresses these risks and opportunities by planning actions and considering the identifies and evaluates environmental risks, hazard identification and risk assessment, legal requirements and other requirements.

7.- Support



In Time Control S.A. de C.V. has identified and provides sufficient resources to guarantee the correct operation of the SGI and improve it, to increase customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements, reduce the impact of identified environmental aspects, as well as eliminate or minimize risks related to safety and workers' health. All resources are based on:

•    People
• Infrastructure
• Resources me monitoring and measurement
• Competition

8.- Operation

Planning and operational control

In Time Control S.A. de C.V. has planned and developed the processes necessary for the production of products and the provision of services (regardless of whether their execution is to be carried out within In Time Control S.A. de C.V., or to be contracted externally). This planning is consistent with the other SGI processes.

In work activities that involve other concurrent employers or companies, In Time Control S.A. de C.V. it is coordinated with them, to ensure the safety and health of all the workers involved, this through ITC-PRS-SI-011 Purchasing Process and supplier evaluation.

In Time Control S.A. de C.V. follows up on this communication with its clients according to what is indicated in ITC-PRS-SI-020 Project start-up process.

9.- Performance evaluation

Performance monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

A series of documents have been approved that aim to guarantee the homogenization and standardization of the activities of monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of the processes of In Time Control S.A. de C.V., in order to ensure the organization, its workers, the environment and its customers among other interested parties

To keep in mind the perception that customers have of the organization's work, In Time Control S.A. de C.V. Analyzes at the end of each project, customer satisfaction through ITC-FMT-SI-024-03 Customer satisfaction survey on products delivered and services provided. In this way, you obtain the necessary information, not only to improve your relationship with customers, but also to improve your processes. In Time Control S.A. de C.V., performs the compliance evaluation, internal audits and management review

10.- Improvement

Aware that, despite all the controls carried out on the processes and products / services, it is easy for non-conforming products to appear, the documented process sheet ITC-PRS-SI-015 Non-Conformity Process and Corrective Actions has been developed.

In Time Control S.A. de C.V. seeks continuous improvement, through the use of its policy and the objectives of the SGI, audit results and the analysis of all data, which allow the adoption of Corrective Actions and Improvement Plans.

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