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InTime Control S.A. de C.V. (ITC) participated in this project as an electric and instrument sub-contractor from Dec. 27, 2006 to Oct 15, 2007.

The scope of ITC were all electric and instrument installation and commissioning services.

Major activities were:

  1. Installation of 69KV/ 13.8KV power transformer.

  2. Installation of 13KV switch gear to feed 100,000 HP motor driven air compressor.

  3. Installation of two new electric rooms.

  4. Tie-in five(5) substations.

  5. Underground cable pulling

       -69KV 1C x 4/0 Pirelli Airguard : 800 M

       -13.8KV 3C x 500MCM Pirelli Airguard : 1600 M

       -13.8KV 3C x 750MCM Pirelli Airguard : 1000 M

​ 6.   Instrument in cold box. 

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